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Kenya health and enviorment.


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Organization Name Contact Person Budget
Acacia Library -Narok Jonah 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
AFRAHA Maternity And Nursing Home LTD Dr. PK 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Agnet Cyber Community Service Chebet 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Algadhir Medical Clinic Michael 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Baraka Maternity and Nursing Home Phyllis 3.6-7 million Ksh/$51-100K
Barnet Memorial Hospital KOIMA 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Cedar Clinical Associates Dr. Charles 7.1-17.5 million Ksh/$100-200K
Dr. Karania Clinic r. Karania 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Euvan Medical Clinic David` 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Family Health Centre – FHC Dr. Bakunda 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Faulu Kenya Samson 3.6-7 million Ksh/$51-100K
Full Gospel Church Samson 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Geodata Land Surveyors Consultants (GLS) Sabron 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Jamia Medical Hospital Benson 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
K-Rep Development Agency Risper 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
KADET LIMITED Raymond 7.1-17.5 million Ksh/$100-200K
Kapsowar Medical Clinic Gedeon 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Kenya Agency For Development of Enterprise and Technology(KADET LIMITED) Loise 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Kenya Farmers Association Simon K. 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
Kenya Union of Domestic Hotels Educational Institutions. Jane 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Kenya Women Finance Trust Harriet 35.1-70 million Ksh/$501-999K
Kenya Women Finance Trust (Kericho) Stephen 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
Land Surveyors Consultants Nderitu 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Loita Medical Clinic (LMC) Dr 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Magadi Soda (Kajiado Depot) Samuel More than 70.1 million Ksh/More than 1 million $US
Magadi Soda Company Lemarron More than 70.1 million Ksh/More than 1 million $US
Marie Stopes Nanyuki Branch George 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
Masasa Kenya Deweerot 35.1-70 million Ksh/$501-999K
Medheal Nursing Home Nelly 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Miti Moja Star Light Clinic Malachi 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Mpala Mobile Community Trust Rodger 3.6-7 million Ksh/$51-100K
Mt Llongonot Medical Services Limited Agrey 3.6-7 million Ksh/$51-100K
Mt Sinai Medical Center Vincent 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Mulemi Nursing Home Gitonga 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Naivasha Nissan United Services Samson 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Nosim Women Group Priscillah 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Puani Sacco Society Limited Vincent 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
Research International Melissa More than 70.1 million Ksh/More than 1 million $US
Roston Medical Clinic Jacob 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
St Elizabeth Medical Centre Limited S. Warui 3.6-7 million Ksh/$51-100K
St. Claire Youth Vocational training centre Mary Jnae 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
St. Joseph’s Nursing and Maternity Home Dr J.K 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
Tirop Studio Youth Group Raymond 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k

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NCPD'S DG Dr. @jgmbae joins Editors for a Breakfast meeting today in Nairobi hosted by NCPD. The media continues to play a big role in public educ. on matters Population & dev. in Kenya. @signstvKENYA @KBCChannel1 @Planning_Ke @StandardKenya @Kass_FM @fmwongela @radio_waumini NCPD_Kenya photo

Dr. Julius Muia, PS State Department for @Planning_Ke addressing the 3rd Africa _ China Conference on Population and development in Accra, Ghana NCPD_Kenya photo

Kenya delegation led by PS for @Planning_Ke Dr. Julius Muia (left) meets @UNFPA E.D. Dr @Atayeshe during the 3rd China-Africa Conf in Ghana ahead of #ICPDNairobiSummit on #ICPD25 . On the right is @NCPD_Kenya Director Technical services Mr Peter Nyakwara NCPD_Kenya photo


Is the Kenya population growth rate a problem ?


What’s the population of Kenya?

49.7 Milion

What is population growth rate in Kenya ?

2.5% Annually.

Urban population percent in Kenya?

26.5 % and  growing at an annual rate of 2.12 %.

Percentage of Muslim population in Kenya?

A stagnant 11.1 %

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