Our Policy On Anti Corruption

Kenya is committed to root out corruption and in this regard the government has set up institutional mechanisms to fight corruption and impact a national ethical psyche. At the executive level the Public Service Integrity Programme (PSIP) has been rolled out with a mission of ‘restoring and sustaining transparency, accountability and integrity in the public service’. The National Council for Population and Development (NCPD) as a state corporation under the Ministry of Devolution and Planning has signed to translate this policy goal into delivered performance at the agency level.

Members and officers of the Council are expected at all times to cherish, uphold, sustain and maintain the honor, dignity and ethos of the Council by conducting themselves both in private and public in a dignified,honest, irreproachable and impeccable manner, such that their integrity is beyond reproach.

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From all of here at NCPD, #EidAdhaMubarak To all our Muslim Brothers and Sisters.

#SDIhealthReport2019: Caseload; Overall, the average caseload in Kenya is at 13.3 outpatients per provider per day
Samburu county had the highest outpatient caseload 42, #NTVToday @ntvkenya @SmritiVidyarthi @KenyaMedics_KMA @MamaDaktari @KenyaMedics_KMA @MOH_Kenya @GitongaEsquire

#SDIhealthReport2019: Adherence to clinical guidelines; In Kenya 43.5 percent of the four tracer conditions were managed as per the provisions of the guidelines #NTVToday @ntvkenya @SmritiVidyarthi @MaryMuyonga @WorldBankKenya @jgmbae @GitongaEsquire @mwongelaf @Planning_Ke


Is the Kenya population growth rate a problem ?


What’s the population of Kenya?

49.7 Milion

What is population growth rate in Kenya ?

2.5% Annually.

Urban population percent in Kenya?

26.5 % and  growing at an annual rate of 2.12 %.

Percentage of Muslim population in Kenya?

A stagnant 11.1 %

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