Role, Mandate & Functions

Role and Mandate

The role and mandate of NCPD is spelt in Legal Notice No. 120 contained in the Kenya Gazette Supplement No. 68 dated 29th October 2004. NCPD is mandated to undertake the following functions:

  • Research and analyze population issues and develop policies relating to population
  • Provide leadership and mobilize support or population programmes, including coordination and implementation by different organizations
  • Assess the impact of population programmes and make recommendations arising from such assessment
  • Identify and advise on population issues that may not be adequately or appropriately dealt with by the government
  • Create public awareness on population and development issues in Kenya Undertake viable advocacy activities aimed at achieving support on certain population concerns.

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World leaders pledged to advance gender equality exactly 25 years ago today:

#StandUp4HumanRights and RT to call on them to keep their promise! @UNFPAKen @UNFPA

#ICPD25 #ICPDNairobiSummit
NCPD_Kenya photo

25 years. That’s how long it’s been since world leaders called for increased access to voluntary #familyplanning at the groundbreaking International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD). See how far we’ve come: @UNFPA #ICPD25 #ICPDNairobiSummit NCPD_Kenya photo


Is the Kenya population growth rate a problem ?


What’s the population of Kenya?

49.7 Milion

What is population growth rate in Kenya ?

2.5% Annually.

Urban population percent in Kenya?

26.5 % and  growing at an annual rate of 2.12 %.

Percentage of Muslim population in Kenya?

A stagnant 11.1 %

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