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1. food production systems

Systems of production, processing, and marketing of food products are involved. Also, in many developing countries they are very fragmented and dependent on a large number of small producers. Although this organization may have socio-economic benefits, the fact that significant quantities of food through a multitude of intermediaries of people who handle the food, increases the risk of exposure of the population of Kenya, Africa to a lousy hygiene condition, contamination, and fraud. The inadequate conditions of post-harvest operations, transformation, and storage of foods are responsible for problems encountered, as well as the inadequacy of the facilities and infrastructure, for example, the absence or scarcity clean water, of electricity, storage …


Is the Kenya population growth rate a problem ?


What’s the population of Kenya?

49.7 Milion

What is population growth rate in Kenya ?

2.5% Annually.

Urban population percent in Kenya?

26.5 % and  growing at an annual rate of 2.12 %.

Percentage of Muslim population in Kenya?

A stagnant 11.1 %