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Organization Name Contact Person Budget
A.C.K Health For All Clinic Ishmarl 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
ABC Community Development Program Francis 17.6-35 million Ksh/$251-500K
ACK Intergrated Program For Visiual Imp James 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
ACK Dioceese of Kajiado Mothers Union Mary 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
ACK Diocese of Kajiado Development Work Tom 17.6-35 million Ksh/$251-500K
ACK Pwani Christian Community Services (PCCS) John 17.6-35 million Ksh/$251-500K
ACK Resource Centre and Guest House Annette 3.6-7 million Ksh/$51-100K
Africa Inland Church – Kapchesewes Childrens Home Pr. Willy 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Africa Inland Church Orphan Project Joseph 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
African Inland Church Kitui Baby Home Dorcus 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
AIC Child Care Centre Kajiado Daniel 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
AIC Kajiado Dispensary and VCT Julius 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
AIC Bethsaida Health Centre -Nakuku Leonard 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
AIC Cheptebo Rural Development Centre Joseph 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
AIC Cheptobo Rural Development Project Joseph Kimeli 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
AIC Katoloni Child Development Centre Josephine 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
AIC Kirenga Orphans Care Center James 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Al-Subra Muslim Group Rehema 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Amani Kwa Jamii Self Help Group (AJS) Zakayo 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Ambassador Of Good Will and Hope Oreste 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Anglican Church Wote Rev. Meshack 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Arise and Shine Children’s Home Paul 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
AUKOT -ACK Church Angurai. Brenda 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Calvary Youth Group John 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Care Choldren Orphanage Home Ziporah 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
CARITAS – Nyeri Joseph 17.6-35 million Ksh/$251-500K
Catholic Diocese of Bungoma FR Joseph 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Catholic Diocese of Eldoret -AIDS Education & Prevention program. SIS Hellen 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
Catholic Diocese of Kitui Bishop Martin 17.6-35 million Ksh/$251-500K
Chapema Children’s Home Gilbert 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Chapema Hope Clinic Joseph 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Charsimata Revivals network (CRN) Elizabeth 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Chepkumiat Self Help Group Christine 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Chesoi Mission Health Centre Benedict 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Chesongoch Mission Health Centre(missionary Beneditine) Sr In-charge Beneditine 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
Child Evangelism Fellowship Mrs Damaris 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Christian Church International – Lari Life Changers Charles 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Christian Community Services (CCS) – Murang’a Branch Isaac Maina 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
Christian Community Services (Nanyuki) Ven. John 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
Christian Community Services – Kiritiri Sella 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K
Christian Community Services of Mt. Kenya East (CCSMKE) Rev. Ben 35.1-70 million Ksh/$501-999K
Christian Health Assocation of Kenya DR More than 70.1 million Ksh/More than 1 million $US
Church Health Education Orgnaization John 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Community/Evangelism Network Gilbert 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
Connerstone Assemblies Youth Group Mercy 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Council of Imamsand Preachers of Kenya (CIPK) Sheikh 17.6-35 million Ksh/$251-500K
Diocese of Garissa Anthony 17.6-35 million Ksh/$251-500K
Emmanuel Victory Church Joshua 350,000 Ksh or less/Under $5k
Endo Health Centre Sr. Lioba 1.6-3.5 million Ksh/$21-50K
Esther’s Children Home Pastor Esther 350,001-1.5 millionKsh/$5-20K

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Is the Kenya population growth rate a problem ?


What’s the population of Kenya?

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What is population growth rate in Kenya ?

2.5% Annually.

Urban population percent in Kenya?

26.5 % and  growing at an annual rate of 2.12 %.

Percentage of Muslim population in Kenya?

A stagnant 11.1 %