Organization Details

Section I
Organization Details
Postal Code:
Physical Location:
Telephone Numbers:
District: Province:
Website: Email:
Fax Number:

Year Of Establishment:

Organization Category:
Staff and Other Employees
Permanet Staff: Female Permanent Staff:

Board Of Directos: YES
No. Of Board Members:
Female Board Members:

Advisory Committee: YES
No. Of Committee members:
Female Committee Members:
Facilities the organization operates from.
Annual Organization Budget
Organization Funders
Computer Infrustructer
Number of computers that the organization has?
Do the computers have CD ROM?
Internet Infrustructer
Does the organization have access to internet?
Publication Materials
Does the organization create their own publication or materials?  NO    
Avalilable for distribution:
Training Topics
Research Areas
Service Fees
The Organization Charges fees for any services.      No
Organization ONE greatest Accomplishment
Organization’s ONE biggest challenge

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