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Computer Technology in Kenya

The country is still in need of many computers that will be connected to the internet. Computers will help in the country’s development with modern education that people can get. Getting any information from the world in a second is a huge advantage and can’t be compared with traditional methods. People can also connect with other people from the world and learn about their cultures. The Internet is offering unparalleled freedom and information. And it’s not just for education, the internet can help the companies to expand with online selling and marketing. Also, we can’t forget the entertainment and online gambling. Online casino sites offer so many more games than the land variants, and also giving great bonuses to attract new players and keep the existing ones. And on top of that, you have the comfort of playing from your home on any site in the world. CasinoBonusHawk can give you more informations about online casinos and all kind of casino bonuses. So like we see the computers and the internet, in general, will give a major boost of any field and help tremendously in the development of the country. Read more…


Is the Kenya population growth rate a problem ?


What’s the population of Kenya?

49.7 Milion

What is population growth rate in Kenya ?

2.5% Annually.

Urban population percent in Kenya?

26.5 % and  growing at an annual rate of 2.12 %.

Percentage of Muslim population in Kenya?

A stagnant 11.1 %